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    A new regulation in Italy aimed at encouraging the return of talented young professionals who leave to work abroad is a first step in curbing "brain drain." The new regulation, which focuses on tax incentives, was among the topics discussed at a recent meeting of the Italian Chapter of the IESE Alumni Association in Milan. About 50 IESE graduates and friends attended the event, which featured a presentation by IESE Prof. Alberto Ribera.
    Also during the event, the chapter had the opportunity to hear from Alessia Mosca, a member of the Italian Parliament who sponsored the law. The seeks to help young professionals learn from other countries and then invest their knowledge back into Italy. It was proposed by the youngest members of the Italian Parliament, Mosca said. A panel discussion was also organized, including Giulia Poli, officer of NOVA and VP at Barclays Capital; Marco Arcelli, ENEL Head of Upstream Gas; and Giorgio Rossi Cairo, founder of Value Partners.
    Arcelli said he was optimistic about the potential of Italy's young mangerial talent and Enel's ability to attract and develop young talents.  Poli explained NOVA's role in lobbying for the new law and extending its benefits to the MBAs. Finally Giorgio Rossi Cairo described several of the structural difficulties that Italy is facing, and proposed the key drivers for what the Italian government and Italy's largest companies should improve in order to boost competitiveness.
    IESE alumni spearheading organization of the session were Benedetto Buzi (MBA '09,) Lorenzo Martini (MBA '10), Lorenzo Massa, Ph.D. candidate at IESE, and Giovanni Toffolutti (MBA '10.)

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