IESE Overview

Humanistic View

IESE aims for positive, efficient and responsible leadership

Humanistic View of Companies & Leadership

IESE holds the view that business leaders have the responsibility to influence companies and society positively, shaping the world for future generations by using a people-centered approach to business. This approach makes individuals the focus of business decisions, a practice that IESE believes holds the key to sustainable and long-term global prosperity.

The school places an emphasis on respect for others, professionalism, integrity, teamwork and a spirit of service. In practice, this humanistic, people-centered view means learning sophisticated management techniques to interact effectively with employees, customers, suppliers, financial entities and governments. Mindful of the demands of a globalised workforce, IESE emphasizes the importance of applying these techniques in cross-cultural environments.

IESE sees an enormous need for positive, efficient and responsible leadership and takes its commitment to its development seriously, as reflected in the curriculum and its support of research that focuses on this area. The school is home to several research centers and endowed chairs focusing on the ethical and social aspects of business, showing that the compatibility that can exist between ethics and business activities.

You can learn more about the research IESE does in this regard by visiting the relevant Research Centers and Chairs. Specifically you may find relevant information by visiting the Center for Business in Society as well as the Chair of Business Ethics where you can learn more about the International Symposium on Business, Ethics and Society.