IESE Industry Meetings: Paving the Way for the Future

10 events take place every year at IESE’s campus


IESE recently asked a group of children what their hopes are for the future. In their "Letter to the Ladies and Gentlemen Who Create the Future," they offer varied answers including keeping sunshine in a light bulb to use at night, being able to drive a wind-powered car and having someone available to come to the rescue if their rocket breaks down on the moon.

What is in store for them in the future in large part depends on how key players across industries - chemical, healthcare, automotive, banking, energy, tourism, media & entertainment, food & beverage, sports management, and retail & luxury goods - manage the challenges in their respective sectors today.

Whether the issue is how nations will continue to provide quality healthcare despite growing financial pressure or how energy policy will evolve to reconcile clean energy, competition and security, business leaders, academics and policy makers gather regularly at IESE’s Industry Meetings to explore the crucial questions that will impact the future.

With over 10 industry meetings taking place every year at IESE’s Barcelona, Madrid and New York campuses, executives, academics and industry professionals come together to share their expertise, benefit from IESE faculty research on critical topics, and shed light on the future of their industries.

IESE welcomes the opportunity to bring key industry players together and ultimately, support them in their role shaping the world these children will inherit. Full program details are available here.