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Welcome to the website of the Initiative for the Excellence in Operations - INEO.

In Spain, expertise is fragmented and isolated between individuals as well as between industries. In our country the average number of workers per firm is below the European average, so the level of fragmentation is higher than in most European countries, only behind that of Ireland, Italy and Greece.

Operations are the basis for the generation of wealth in a country. Knowledge is the basis for development and innovation.

The Initiative for Excellence in Operations aims to facilitate the generation of economies of scale in knowledge about operations management in Spanish companies. It hopes to do this by sharing experiences between services in industrial businesses, and by means of the interaction between academia and business, which will facilitate the identification of interesting research areas.

The Initiative also seeks to disseminate knowledge within national and international companies and among students of IESE programs, promoting its interest in operations.

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INEO is fortunate to have institutional and individual support to enable it to carry out its activities, achieve its research objectives and spread knowledge useful to entrepreneurs and managers.

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