Advanced Management Program Munich

The AMP Munich is geared to the specific realities of the Central European business landscape – from global enterprise to the Mittelstand – giving you the rare opportunity to step back, reflect and broaden your outlook.

The result is a strengthened capacity to drive your company’s performance. Deliver excellence in strategy and change execution. And take your business to new levels of success.




Raise your game 

Spot opportunities and execute the strategies for global leverage. Drive innovation. Drive change. Sustain competitive advantage.


Broaden your perspective

Explore new approaches and concepts with a broad diversity of business leaders. Adopt different perspectives. Expand your outlook.


Develop a global network

Build a world-class network. Join a global alumni community that encompasses 45,000+ members around the world.


Step back and reflect

Develop the self-analysis tools to find the areas for improvement, and enhance your leadership capabilities.


Learn without disrupting work

Implement new concepts between modules and come back to address your findings. Invest in your leadership without compromising your professional responsibilities.



Join a group of business leaders from a diversity of organizations and sectors that span global enterprise and small to medium-sized organizations, or Mittelstand – often the hidden champions of business in the region.


Spread out over six months, the AMP Munich begins and ends with weeklong residential modules on IESE’s Barcelona campus. The core of the program comprises several two and a half day modules held at IESE’s Munich campus. These modules run all day Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings. The last weekend of the program, which concludes with the graduation ceremony, features a program of social activities for family members. To help spouses relate to their partners’ AMP experience, a case discussion led by an IESE Business School faculty member is offered to them.

OPENING MODULE Reassessing the Foundation
BARCELONA November 5-9, 2018
ONE-WEEK MODULE During this module, you will rethink your views on the current business and economic landscape. You will be divided into small teams that will stay together throughout the program so that you form solid bonds and ties with your peers.
CORE PROGRAM Manage Value Creation
MUNICH January 10-12, 2019 • February 21-23, 2019
• March 28-30, 2019 • May 9-11, 2019
CORE PROGRAM Core sessions will look at leaders and their role in managing change, developing competitive strategies and creating value. They will also examine the relationships between different functional areas and their organizational outcomes.
CLOSING MODULE Heading into the Future
BARCELONA June 17-21, 2019
ONE–WEEK MODULE The closing module will empower you to unleash the entrepreneurial potential in your organization and set a course to take you to 2021.



To ensure that the AMP Munich fully meets your needs and objectives, our team will take you through three simple steps:

• A personal interview to establish your goals.

• Your application for your place on the program. 

• The Admission Committee confirmation of your place.

At IESE, we want you to be right at the very center of the right program for you.

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