Who We Are

At IESE, we believe excellence in program design and delivery is the basis of any successful partnership. You can expect to engage with a competent, experienced and enthusiastic team - consisting of an Academic Director, a Program Director and a Program Manager. Each member plays a role to ensure that all aspects of the project are treated with absolute attention to detail.

  • Academic Directors are members of IESE's 100+ strong faculty team. Your Academic Director is chosen on the basis of relevance and ‘fit’ with your company and the program objectives. The Academic Director coordinates IESE’s faculty team and facilitates the program experience - leading discussions, debriefing sessions and working to ensure the learning needs are met.
  • Program Directors are non-academics with significant business experience and training (MBA or equivalent); Your Program Director has responsibility for the management of all facets of IESE’s relationship with you, and takes full responsibility for understanding your needs and objectives, assembling the appropriate team and leading the program design and delivery phases.
  • Program Managers support the project by assuring assure program logistics run smoothly, and the participant experience is second to none.