Customization Process

The customization process is led by a team composed of a faculty member (Academic Director) and an executive (Program Director), chosen on the basis of relevance to and “fit” with the partner company and the program objectives. The IESE Program Director has responsibility for the management of all facets of IESE's relationship with the partner company. And the Academic Director coordinates IESE's faculty team and leads the program experience- facilitating discussions, debriefing sessions and working to ensure the learning needs are met.

The customization process is grounded in three different phases, described below:

  • The dream phase is an energizing exploration of how to achieve the outcomes defined by the company. It is a time to engage in "thinking big" and out of the box, to identify the most inspiring and effective ways in which to bring about the desired change in mindsets and behaviors.

  • The next step, the design phase involves making choices about "what should be" within the program. It is a conscious effort to ensure the program is fully aligned with the organization’s current reality and future aspirations. Various activities take place: interviews participants and validation workshops.

  • Finally, the deliver phase is the culmination of the process, consisting of an intense learning experience that typically engages participants over the course of several months via one or more face-to-face modules, complemented by intense pre- and post-program work. Key in this phase is the measurement of "impact" the extent to which objectives are met, both in terms of learning and application.