Our Approach

IESE's approach to Custom Programs is rooted in the recognition of the uniqueness of each organization. We believe that the only way to deliver a truly effective custom program is t make it as individual as the organization for which it is created. By tying learning to these unique factors, an organization can develop the capabilities it needs to achieve its strategic business goals.

Although each program we design is different, our objective remains the same on every one: To transform the mindset and behavior of participants, and in so doing drive immediate and lasting change for their organizations. In that sense, "transformation" is the only thing that our partners can expect as "standard" when engaging our team.

To achieve this goal of "transformation", we start the program design process by developing with our partners a "view of the future", a shared understanding of the organization's vision and the strategy to get there. We understand there is most likely a gap between "now" and "then" - in terms of the capabilities needed to achieve the proposed objectives. We believe that it is these capabilities, which are required for the company to be "future fit", that should serve as the focus of a custom program. For an executive, being “future fit” means having the competence to support the company's strategy and contribute to the organization's ongoing development and success.

  • Intellectual Insight: Acquire new perspectives to improve personal and organizational performance
  • Behavioral Competency: Develop the individual leadership qualities required to achieve goals
  • Organizational Capability: Build the organizational capabilities that drive business results
  • Personal Self-Management: Establish the personal equilibrium needed to sustain peak performance

To find out more about how IESE's custom programs achieve transformational business impact by addressing the intellectual, behavioral, personal and organizational dimensions that underpin a company's ongoing success - please click on the icons in the image above.