Partner Stories

IESE has extensive experience partnering with leading companies from diverse sectors across the globe. IESE’s custom programs with these and other organizations include a stimulating combination of activities. Case studies, role-plays, facilitated dialogues, simulations, executive and peer coaching, project work, face-to-face and online interaction all aim is to expose participants to new ways of thinking, push them to question current perspectives and finally give them the opportunity to test new approaches in real life. We believe it is this mix that drives the practical application of ideas and generates the real business impact that makes IESE’s Custom Programs truly transformational for participants and their companies.

The following are just some examples of IESE’s work.


    Telefonica, Developing Management Excellence

    Featuring participants from countries across the globe where Telefonica has a presence, the program is designed to aid Telefonica's transformation into a global digital media communications company. One of the key features of this program is the significant presence of key Telefonica executives, who co-deliver the learning experience alongside IESE faculty.


    Faurecia, Foresight in a Globalizing Landscape

    Faurecia's global management team convene at IESE to experience a collaborative environment in which they can reflect together on the implications of the company’s globalization, in terms of the behavioral change necessary to accelerate the achievement of strategic objectives, as well as build long-lasting relationships to strengthen cooperation across the company’s global footprint.

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Airbus Military

    Airbus Military, Empowering Innovation

    Airbus Military sought to create a program that would stimulate an entrepreneurial mindset among its younger leaders, giving them the expertise and awareness to drive change. Airbus Military partnered IESE Business School to design and execute “Vivero”, a multi-modular program that is helping the organization reach its strategic goals.


    Santander, Shaping the Global Leaders of Tomorrow

    The program fulfills Santander’s strategic need to develop its most talented managers into leaders with the professional and personal skills to spearhead the bank’s increasingly global operations, and to provide them with a unique opportunity to connect and share experiences with peers and senior executives.

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    IEPPM – International Executive Program in Project Management

    IEPPM – International Executive Program in Project Management is a unique learning program customized for Ericsson senior Project Managers, Customer Operation Managers, Consulting & System Integration Program Directors and Managed Services Chief Operating Officers. LUISS Business School, IESE Business School and Elis Corporate School - jointly with Ericsson Project Office and Ericsson Academy - have conceived and developed this innovative program to support Ericsson needs and ambitions: gain insights into frameworks and practices that will enable them to successfully plan, lead and execute complex and critical projects.