2014 UNICON Annual Workshop


The worlds of online and offline have been merging for some time, both in our private lives as well as our professional ones. In a learning context, the term “blended learning” captures this phenomenon, and is also not new. Despite its datedness, blended learning has found limited use in management and leadership development programs. Are changes in the way leadership development is conceived, coupled with the demanding needs of today’s global businesses and dramatic improvements in technology, changing the way corporate learning leaders are thinking of using online learning in executive education?

In the 2014 UNICON Annual Workshop “All About Blended: Meeting our Partners’ Needs While Staying True To Who We Are”, hosted by IESE Business School in Barcelona from July 23-24, 2014, we will explore this question together, stimulated by the data-grounded findings of researchers, an inspirational visit to a world heritage site and the hands-on experience of a practitioner.

Prof. Evgeny Kaganer and Giuseppe Auricchio from IESE’s Learning Innovation Unit will lead us in a workshop in which we discuss our impressions from the visits and their latest research on the qualities and practices of the digitally minded leader and the extent to which the approaches companies are using to develop these leaders reflect the “blended” world we live in.

A visit to Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia will provide a moment of reflection on how we might guide our institutions in their transition to a digital world. We will analyze some of the skills and characteristics that underlie Antoni Gaudí’s work – from the way he communicated the vision and mission for his project, to his ability to think big and "out of the box", to the need to leave well documented details for the continuation of his work by other architects.

We will visit Universitas Telefónica, the corporate university of Telefónica, where Rory Simpson, CLO, will share how one of the world’s largest telecommunications company develops its leaders, exploring the company’s conceptual framework for its corporate university and the role of technology.

Due to the summer vacation season in Europe, early registration and planning is advised.

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Galia Saravalli
International Executive Education

Date and Venue

July 23-34, 2014

IESE Barcelona North Campus
C/ Arnús i de Garí, 3-7
08034 Barcelona

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