Working Methodology

To be effective, a learning experience must deliver tangible results - and therefore be focused on a company's explicit business challenges. These challenges drive IESE's custom programs, which are structured so that teams or individuals emerge with an action plan for instituting change, and feel a strong obligation to deliver on it. To achieve this outcome, our collaboration with partners is based on three pillars:

  • Collaborative Approach

    A strong, creative partnership is at the core of every IESE custom program. By collaborating closely with our partners and combining skills and expertise, our team gains a thorough understanding of the organization and its projected evolution, provides a rigorous and insightful analysis of the underlying issues and required capabilities, and designs the program that best develops these.
  • Bold Execution

    IESE’s history of innovation is a testament to the school’s entrepreneurial mindset. This spirit is reflected in each of the Custom Programs we deliver. Our programs combine cutting-edge academic and practitioner analysis with exciting learning methodologies and experiential activities. As a result, they are deeply memorable experiences that help participants change mindsets and behaviors with respect to the challenge they and their organizations are facing.
  • Personal Attention

    One of IESE’s hallmarks is its dedication to the individual development of each and every participant. Our custom programs reflect this commitment and are designed to challenge assumptions by “breaking the frame” through which participants see the world, providing new perspectives and facilitating the reassessment of shared beliefs – a key to individual and organizational renewal and breakthrough performance. This extends beyond the program through post-program follow-up and work.