Executive Education Certificate | IESE Business School

You have the opportunity to engage in a personalized development plan that will help you achieve your professional goals in a practical and flexible way. This plan is designed to meet your individual needs and is carried out with the guidance of an IESE Program Advisor. Once completed, you will receive the IESE Executive Education Certificate.

Contact an adviser – He or she will guide you in choosing the programs that best fit your training needs  

• Apply for the Executive Education Certificate - If you have already completed four or more programs and meet the requirements, you can apply for your Executive Education Certificate here  

Executive education benefits | IESE Business School

The IESE Executive Education Certificate carries a number of key benefits for participants:

• Connect with an IESE advisor.

• 5% discount on any future focused program.

• Five exclusive invitations to 300+ continuous education sessions each year. Delivered around the world, sessions are a chance to learn and build your network.

• Premium subscription to IESE Insight magazine – state-of-the-art thinking on the big issues in global business.

Executive education requirements | IESE Business School

To receive the IESE Executive Education Certificate you must meet the following requirements:

• Complete at least four Focused Programs (in English or Spanish).

• Programs must be completed within a three-year time period.

• Programs should amount to a minimum of 13 days of learning.

The complete list of available programs can be viewed on the Calendar of Focused Programs.