Advanced Management Program

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Case Method

The Complete Learning Experience

Contents & Methods

At IESE Business School, classes are dynamic and interactive, giving executives knowledge that they can implement immediately. Faculty members employ the case study method, the most effective approach for honing analytical and decision-making skills. IESE Business School is one of the world’s most internationally recognized authors of business cases, which covers diverse industries, geographical areas and business issues.


AMP - Contents & Methods

Leadership Development
Greater self-awareness will sharpen your decision-making abilities and improve your performance.

Update your Knowledge
Get the latest business insights and frameworks for your company to be competitive.

Through case studies and group work, you will gain meaningful knowledge that can be applied immediately to your business or organization.

Sustainable Executive Performance
Develop new behavior and acquire a transformed mindset that will help you execute more efficiently.

High-level Networking
Form strong relationships with other senior executives from different backgrounds, industries and cultures. You will also become a member of IESE’s vast global alumni community.
AMP - Contents & Methods

    Small-group Interactions
    Your assigned study group will provide an energetic eye-to-eye exchange with top-level professionals of all backgrounds and lead to innovative ways to approach problems and create new solutions. Besides, through informal after-class social activities you will have the chance to get to know participants, faculty, and staff in a casual, relaxed setting.


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