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Introduction to Global CEO Program for China

The Global CEO Program for China is a special executive education initiative that is being offered through an educational partnership among three established business schools worldwide: China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), Harvard Business School (HBS) and IESE Business School (IESE). Recognizing that companies succeed through individual initiatives and organizational excellence, the program is designed especially for Chinese CEOs who are in a position to review, reflect on, and make breakthroughs in both of these areas.

Leveraging the acclaimed case method pioneered by HBS, the program enhances leadership skills by helping you to broaden your business knowledge and to acquire strategic vision in both a Chinese and a global business context. You will leave the program better prepared to meet current and future challenges and to capitalize on opportunities around the world.

The task of building strong companies and effectively integrating them into the global marketplace is a difficult, complex undertaking for top corporate executives. To distinguish their companies from the competition, Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) in China must maximize their potential for coping with the changing environment, managing across business disciplines and country borders, and providing organization-wide leadership.

Program Benefits

The Global CEO Program for China is an exceptional opportunity for CEOs in China to gain new insights into the major social, cultural, political, and economic factors that significantly impact business in the global marketplace.

Through in-depth examination of critical issues, business developments and emerging trends, you will gain the necessary leadership skills to create and sustain value throughout the enterprise. Lead with wisdom, integrity, and vision, while encouraging others to do the same.

Specially the Global CEO Program for China improves your capacity to:

Introduction to Global CEO Program


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