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Luc Haegemans

“Everything I learned at IESE is directly applicable
to the global business challenges I face  today.
I gained new knowledge that allowed me to
change how I think and make decisions.
It’s one of the best learning experiences I’ve had.”

Luc Haegemans
Secretary General
Member of the Executive Committee
BNP Paribas Fortis

Learning Approach

Learning Approach

During the Global Finance and Strategy for Senior Executives Program you will gain insights into distinct yet interconnected markets in Europe, North America and Asia. To ensure that the program is directly relevant to you, The Individual Business Project allows you to tailor the learning experience to your leadership role and the unique situation of your company.

Action-oriented Learning

As a participant in the program, you will engage with a wide range of learning approaches, such as case-based learning, peer-to-peer interaction, small group discussions and role-plays. This interactive methodology provides a highly practical way to apply new knowledge, as well as master new tools and techniques.

Dynamic Interaction

In addition to small and large-group discussions, team projects and study groups, you will engage in dynamic exercises to embed the new financial and strategy knowledge you have gained. Participants will also have the opportunity to visit companies and meet with local officials, business people and journalists in key global locations.

Immediate Application

You will learn how to apply the learning to your own company, both in the short- and long-term. In between modules, you will apply the strategic and financial knowledge you have gained directly to your organization. The Individual Business Project will allow you to zero in on a key issue your organization is facing and devise a tailored strategy. You will leave the program with a plan to address problems that you face both on an individual and organizational level.

Lifelong Benefits

Participants who successfully complete the program will receive a certificate issued jointly by IESE Business School and NYU Stern. They will also benefit from a lifelong network of professional colleagues gained through this intensive and collaborative learning experience. In addition, executives will have the invaluable opportunity to remain in contact with faculty members from IESE and NYU Stern.

Learning Approach

Interactive Methods

The Case Method

Participants learn through the case study method, which gives them the unique opportunity to view business issues from many angles. After individual preparation, you work in teams to analyze, discuss and propose solutions to hundreds of different business problems drawn from real-life scenarios. The approach opens up a forum to discover new perspectives and broaden your understanding of key issues.

Experiential Learning

In-depth industry analyses and visits with executives in Asia, Europe and the United States will allow you to experience and gain an understanding of diverse global business contexts.

Group Work

Participants will engage in various forms of group work to maximize interaction and the peer-to-peer learning experience. In addition, you will work with a small group of classmates from non-competitive organizations to give and receive feedback on each other’s individual business plan.


Kip Meyer
Program Director

Patricia Marange
Program Director