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Program for Leadership Development
Program for Leadership Development

Choose Your PLD/PMD

IESE Business School offers the Programs for Leadership Development (PLD/PMD) in four different locations:

Program for Leadership Development

    PLD Barcelona
    The program, centered on three 1-week modules that take place in Barcelona, is designed for managers and professionals with 8-10 years of functional experience who are seeking to take their careers to the next level. Participants gain vital leadership capacities and solid general management skills, while building a valuable network of high-level peers from all over the world, particularly Europe.

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Program for Leadership Development

    PLD New York-Miami
    Centered on three 1-week modules in New York and Miami, the program develops self-confident, self-aware business professionals who are able to manage effectively in a complex global environment. The program is aimed at specialists and professionals with 8-10 years of experience who want to broaden their knowledge and understanding of North American markets, as well as their contact base in the region.

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Program for Leadership Development

    PMD Sao Paulo
    The PMD Sao Paulo gives executives who have mastered a functional area the skills they need to take on broader responsibilities in their companies. Participants will learn and grow with other high-potential managers in the region, giving an important boost to their professional network. The program is offered in Portuguese and the second and fourth modules take place in Barcelona and New York, respectively.

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IESE Munich

    PMD Munich
    The PMD Munich was designed to help talented managers in German-speaking countries fast track their careers. The program offers a rigorous general management curriculum combined with the chance to network with professionals from diverse industries in the region. The program features opening and closing 1-week modules on IESE’s Barcelona campus.

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    PMD Warsaw
    Focused on the business dynamics of Central and Eastern Europe, the Program for Management Development (PMD) Warsaw will accelerate your transition to senior management. You will develop your integrative and strategic understanding of business, and hone decision-making capabilities to drive performance and align your team around key organizational objectives. PMD Warsaw is delivered over seven modules: two at IESE Barcelona and five in Warsaw.

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