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Program for Leadership Development

    IESE Business School's Program for Leadership Development (PLD) is designed for talented professionals who aspire to become senior managers. Offered in key cities in Europe, North America and Latin America, the PLD helps participants develop managerial and leadership skills and take a decisive step forward both professionally and personally.

    This program, taught in English, has a general management orientation and is aimed at managers with at least 10 years of business experience. These future leaders will review basic management theory and use it to build on the management experience they already have. To prepare participants for the future, there is an emphasis on making difficult decisions and dealing with cross-functional issues.

    The structure of the program typically consists of intensive residential modules spread over a seven-month period that allows participants to become immersed in each module without causing undue disruption to their professional and personal lives. Participants can also use this structure to apply the new knowledge they have gained to their own professional context and then discuss the results in the subsequent module.

Program for Leadership Development

    Top international companies looking to transition their functional managers to general managers often use the PLD to ensure that their people are well prepared for this major step in their careers.

    The IESE full-time faculty members who lead the program come from more than 28 countries, thus reflecting a broad range of management expertise and cultural knowledge. Equipped with real-world experience, IESE professors seek to offer insights based on practical research and applicable strategic thinking.


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