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SEP New York-Miami

Senior Executive Program: Impact on the Americas

The Senior Executive Program (SEP) New York-Miami is an intensive learning experience, conducted over four non-consecutive weeks, that helps you take on new challenges in an ever-changing and uncertain business environment. The program encompasses four modules in two locations: New York City and Miami.

With the SEP’s unique international scope and its center of gravity in the Americas, you widen your geographical horizons and gain important cross-cultural insights, while honing your leadership skills.

Wiser and better connected, you’ll be ready to develop action plans for your own business challenges.

SEP New York - Miami

Program Benefits

  • Strengthen Your Competitive Advantage
    Sharpen your strategic thinking and business skills as you gain practical, relevant knowledge to solve real-world business problems. IESE’s primary teaching methodology, the case method, helps you to develop a new perspective on leadership and a practical framework for effective decision making, so you can manage more effectively and address competitive challenges.

  • Expand Your International Network
    The program facilitates deep and meaningful business and personal relationships with an exclusive group of senior executives and faculty from diverse backgrounds, industries and nationalities, all with the common interest of doing business in and/or from the Americas. This supportive environment helps you to reflect on your future ambitions and take meaningful next steps to further your career.

  • Gain Insights from High-Level Peers 
    As you take time to step back and think strategically about your business, you get to update and refresh your knowledge while engaging in insightful discussions with high-level peers from various backgrounds. Their perspectives, insights and approaches help to enrich your learning experience and transform the way you make strategic decisions that impact your organization.

  • Learn With Minimal Work Disruption
    Pursue an intensive program without putting your career on hold. Because learning is concentrated in four weeklong residential modules spaced over five months and two calendar years, you have adequate time to prepare for modules when you are away from the program, and to immediately apply your learning each time you return to the workplace.


Nina Lagdameo
Program Director