22nd Telecommunications Industry Meeting

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Main Themes

Understanding the connected client

To discuss the role of telecoms in the digital transformation of Society in general we have to understand the connected client, whatever we talk about individual consumers and families or we talk about businesses and organizations. We would like to identify key segments and the value proposition (or propositions) that may satisfy their needs as digital consumers. We would like to develop a framework to think about these issues and discuss it with Chief Digital Officers (CDO) of clients, operators, as well as digital experts of sociologist of digital transformation.

Business model design

Once we define the value proposition associated to each client segment, we need to understand how to transform the business of the enabling actors, as well as what new business model should be designed, to respond to the new opportunities that emerge. The managerial choices will affect the activities, resources and capabilities that give raise to the way to deliver the value proposition while capturing enough value to survive and develop in this new environment. To discuss these issues we want to get CEOs and CDOs of relevant players in the current telecom ecosystem from suppliers to operators and Internet companies.

Creating and sustaining competitive advantage

However, business models are not developed in isolation. Choices of players define business models that will be subject to competition in particular regulatory environments and effected by global (and local) trends. Winning business models will end up defining new rules of the game. In addition, the competition on business models is also affected by internal barriers to change and transformation in the organizations of active players. All these issues should be discussed with strategists, regulatory officers, business managers, regulators and legislators, associations as GSMA.


IESE Industry Meetings
M. Helena Andreu

Date and Venue

June 29, 2017

IESE Business School - Munich
Maria-Theresia-Strasse 15
81675 Munich 

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The conference language is English.