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Admission Process

IESE Business School's Executive Education team offers personalized advice to all candidates to help them determine the program -PDD, PDG and PADE- best suited to their professional and personal profile, according to their experience and responsibilities. The admission process is divided into different stages:

  • Interview Request. The candidate contacts the Executive Education admissions team and requests a personal interview.

  • Personal Interview. The personal interview may be for information only or may be part of the admission process. The personal interview helps determine whether the Executive Education programs are the most appropriate educational solution for the candidate or whether another program would be a better option.

  • Application for Admission. If appropriate, the General Management Program Director will inform the candidate about what the course involves: workload, methodology, profiles, schedules and any other relevant matters. Finally, the candidate will be provided with the application for admission.

  • Admissions Committee. Once applications are received, the Admissions Committee ensures that the program is suitable for each candidate based on his/her management experience and responsibilities. IESE Business School guarantees the utmost rigor in reviewing applications.

  • Response. Candidates will receive a letter communicating the decision of the Admissions Committee within one month of submitting the application. The letter will duly inform you of the final status of your application for admission to the General Management Programs, a specific program assignment and the session schedule.


Tuition for the General Management Programs -PDD, PDG and PADE- are € 26,600 and IESE Members Fee are € 24,000 (Academic year 2015-2016). This amount must be paid thirty days before the start of the program to guarantee the participant's place.


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