General Management

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Case Method

The Complete Learning Experience

Content and Methodology

The Management Development Program is composed of a series of modules to equip the participant with all the tools, skills and outlook needed for decision-making with an overall viewpoint from General Management and bearing in mind the current framework of uncertainty, the quick maturity of products and services, constant technology innovation and globalization.


  • Origin, control and optimization of resources
  • Markets and business opportunities
  • Transformation and the value chain
  • People and responsibilities of the organization
  • Information innovation and technology
  • Global economy
  • Ethics and company management
  • Competitive strategy and general management
  • Entrepreneurship

Case method

At IESE Business School we believe that the development of leadership skills and the review of outlooks and values should be done through self-discovery. The case method is ideal for achieving this. The cases describe real business situations that put forward relevant, detailed information for analysis and decision-making.

The Case Method
Personal StudyTeamworkGeneral Sessions
The participant analyzes in–depth a real business case with part of the information. The executive must deeply explore the situation, define problems and search for opportunities.Participants split up into diverse groups that discuss the cases weekly. This allows them to contrast different opinions, views and ways to solve the problem.After personal study and teamwork, general sessions are led by IESE professors who employ a highly rigorous methodology. They guide a discussion of the issues raised by the case and generate possible solutions and their consequences.


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