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Participants receive an academic diploma at the end of the program and acquire the status of Alumni of IESE Business School. Alumni have the option of joining the the Alumni Association of IESE Business School to have access to a wide range of ongoing educational services and professional support provided.

The Association offers ongoing education and information services intended to support Alumni throughout their professional careers. These services include:

  1. They also receive the management review IESE Insight and the Alumni Magazine.
  2. The Continuous Education Program, a program that is unique in the world and enables alumni to participate regularly in academic sessions of a business, economic and political nature.
  3. The annual assembly, IESE Global Alumni Reunion, one of the most important activities of the Association. Apart from meeting with other members from all over the world, this reunion is a forum for information exchange, education and debate, where conferences and panel discussions on current topics and of general interest are held.
  4. The Start platform, where alumni can identify and improve their personal professional skills; and the Succeed platform, that offers specific contents and knowledge for the ongoing improvement of their leadership skills. 

IESE Business School currently has over 40,000 Alumni from all over the world, distributed in Regional Chapters, of which approximately 42% belong to the Association. This is one of the highest membership rates among all university institutions in the world, and is a true reflection of the impact of IESE Business School programs on the personal and professional life of participants.


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