The Program for Leadership Development is a transformational learning experience.

Through open interchange with trusted peers, faculty-led debate, action-oriented learning activities and simulations you will build a number of key leadership competencies.

And accelerate your transition to senior business leadership.



Integrative thinking

Understand  different business functions. Adopt the perspective of a senior generalist.


Innovation mind-set

Address business problems with creativity, leveraging solutions and resources from different sources.


Decision making

Make better, more confident decisions based on a broader perspective with a deeper understanding of cross-functional dynamics.


Change competency

Plan the resources and the tactics to execute change and deliver results, developing key negotiation skills.


Self management

Assess your strengths, and identify improvement areas and growth opportunities as a leader.


Negotiating and influencing

Understand the needs of your organization and ensure that your team is aligned. Advocate for your function.



Cascade your organization’s vision to build buy-in and to stream-line processes. Learn to motivate others to get things done.


Team management

Manage your team more effectively, resolving conflict and driving performance.



The PLD delivers cross-functional perspectives on different areas of management. The program builds your knowledge and broadens your perspective to help you prepare to take on the responsibilities of a senior management generalist.

  • Building the Foundation

    • Analyze the key issues and trends defining the global economic landscape.
    • Deepen your understanding of global strategy and execution. 
    • Examine how decisive leadership underpins performance.
    • Explore the decision-making process and review the impact of decisions from a general management perspective. 
    • Identify an issue of specific relevance to you or your organization and begin working on an actionable plan to address it.

  • Getting Ready for What Lies Ahead

    • Take a deep dive into change management. 
    • Understand management control and build tools to enhance performance.
    • Analyze how businesses compete in the digital age within continuously changing parameters.
    • Explore the entrepreneurial mindset and its ties to innovation. 
    • Identify a specific challenge facing you or your organization.

  • Transforming Business Leaders

    • Dig deep into financial frameworks and the issues and challenges surrounding corporate finance.
    • Acquire the knowledge and tools to optimize marketing strategy.
    • Expand your understanding of operational challenges and how to overcome them.
    • Develop negotiating tools and strategic competencies.
    • Work with peers and faculty to finalize an action plan for your specific challenge.

  • Customizing the Final Step

    Choose an IESE Focused Program: Explore a specific business competency or area in real depth. Our Focused Programs cover a very broad diversity of topics and are held on the Barcelona, Madrid and New York campuses. They are offered in English and in Spanish.


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