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The Programa de Alta Dirección de Empresas (PADE) is learning experience that touches the knowledge, skills and capabilities you need to lead your business to new levels of success.

Through classroom debate, action-oriented learning, coaching and profound reflection, you will develop a number of key competencies that will transform your leadership.



Integrative thinking

Develop a clear view of the future of your company and set its long-term direction in the global competitive context.


Innovation mind-set

Enhance your entrepreneurial faculties, spot the global trends and connect the dots to capitalizing on technology, resources and talent.


Decision analysis

Make swift decisions with incomplete knowledge and in uncertain environments, melding your big picture vision with your executive team’s expertise.


Change competency

Be a driver of change. Identify, select and build the macro-framework and change agents to build better processes and systems.


Negotiating and influencing

Interact with a broad spectrum of stakeholders with deftness and versatility.



Articulate your company’s vision, its values and its mission – setting an example and becoming a source of inspiration.


Self management

With a heightened sense of humility, be better attuned to listening and learning from what is happening in the global environment.



Balance the needs of your different stakeholders to drive your organization in one direction, building a legacy that will allow your business to thrive for decades to come.



Executive Education | IESE Business School

The PADE follows a practical methodology with analysis of business cases, class debates and distinguished guest speakers from the worlds of business and academia:

  • Origin, control and optimization of economic resources

  • Markets and business opportunities

  • Value chain and transformation

  • People and organizational competencies

  • The global economy

  • Competitive strategy and general direction

  • Entrepreneurship and negotiation


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