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The Programa de Desarollo Directivo (PDD) is delivered in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza and Santiago de Compostela over the course of six months. The format and calendar will vary in terms of the edition you take.

The program format enables you to combine investing in your career with your professional and personal commitments.


Starting DatePlaceStructure & Calendar (PDF)
January 13, 2017Barcelona PDD Barcelona
January 20, 2017BarcelonaPDD Barcelona
January 27, 2017Madrid PDD Madrid
April 21, 2017Madrid PDD Madrid
April 21, 2017Barcelona PDD Barcelona 
May 8, 2017Zaragoza PDD Zaragoza
October 2017 Santiago de CompostelaPDD Galicia 
November 6, 2017 Valencia PDD Valencia 


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Programa de Desarrollo Directivo, PDD

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