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The Programa de Desarrollo Directivo (PDD) is a learning experience that will transform you forever.

Through open interaction with your peers, debate, action-oriented activities and class simulations, you will develop a number of key leadership competencies and accelerate your transition to senior business leadership.



Integrative thinking

Deepen your understanding of your organization’s strategic context, and its different business functions. Adopt the integrative perspective of a senior generalist..


Innovation mind-set

Master techniques to address business problems with creativity, identifying and leveraging solutions and resources from different sources.


Decision making

Make better, more confident decisions based on a broader perspective with a deeper understanding of cross-functional dynamics.


Change competency

Plan the resources and the tactics to execute change and deliver results, developing key negotiation and influencing skills.


Negotiating and influencing

Understand the needs of your organization and ensure that your team is aligned. Advocate for your function – influencing senior management where necessary.



Cascade your organization’s vision to build buy-in, to align and to stream-line processes. Learn to manage conflict, and motivate others to get things done.


Self management

Assess your strengths, and identify improvement areas and growth opportunities as a leader.


Team management

Acquire the tools to manage your team more effectively, keeping employees engaged and working together to drive performance.


Executive Education | IESE Business School

The PDD helps you develop the tools, the capacities and the mindset you need to make decisions with the integrative vision of a general manager:

  • Origin, control and optimization of resources

  • Markets and business opportunities

  • Transformation and the value chain

  • People and responsibilities of the organization

  • Information innovation and technology

  • Global economy

  • Ethics and company management

  • Competitive strategy and general management

  • Entrepreneurship


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