Communication, Leadership and Campaign Management Program

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  • Political Communication
    We assess the importance of a good communication plan that allows the management of internal and external perceptions related to the campaign. We will study different electoral scenarios, themes and images of a communication campaign, the formulation of messages, political speech writing, media campaigns and building the politician’s image.The program will also analyze the communication strategy in moments of crisis, which is particularly relevant in pre-planning a rapid response, clear narrative and efficient delivery plan.

  • Political Leadership
    We will analyze the key issues of political activity and the electoral race. Consistency with the message and the candidate’s motivations are pivotal in defining the strategy. Knowing what goes into the campaign and which objectives must not be compromised become the crucial questions. The clear definition of a political profile is the basis for all else.

  • Campaign Management
    A good electoral campaign does not involve improvisation; rather, it calls for very careful planning. We will review the features of a good process of analysis and strategic planning by examining the key points that define good implementation. We will learn how to design a field plan, use the telephone and internet to mobilize supporters, make door-to-door visits and organize support committees.


The program is based on lectures and workshops that will address different aspects to consider when managing an electoral campaign.


IESE Madrid

Begoña Ferrer
  • +34 91 211 31 33
  • Camino del Cerro del Águila, 3
    28023 Madrid

    Simultaneous translation in Spanish and English will be available at all sessions. The presentations will be given in each speaker’s original language.

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