Communication, Leadership and Campaign Management Program

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The faculty is made up of professionals who work in the spheres of academia, research and the business world. The team for this program includes:
    Yago de la Cierva
    Lecturer of Managing People in Organizations
    Doctor in Philosophy, University of Navarra
    Degree in Law, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela

    After his graduation in Law, Yago de la Cierva has dedicated all his professional life to the four branches of communications: journalism (he founded and directed the international TV news agency ROMEreports), corporate communication, university teaching and as a crisis consultant, with particular emphasis in educational institutions.
Steven Jarding
    Steven Jarding
    Lecturer in Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School of Government

    Prof. Jarding has managed campaigns or served in senior roles for U.S. Senators Tom Daschle (South Dakota), Bob Kerrey (Nebraska), Jim Webb (Virginia), John Edwards (North Carolina), Tim Johnson (South Dakota) and Mark Warner (Virginia). He has run National Leadership Committees for Kerrey and Edwards and served as senior adviser to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. In 1996, Roll Call magazine named Jarding one of the “50 most influential” political people in Washington and, in 2002, The New York Times Magazine profiled Jarding as “someone who wins races in places he is not supposed to win.” His management of Warner’s 2001 gubernatorial race was hailed the best-run campaign in the United States and his work in Webb’s 2006 win over Senator George Allen was noted as one of the biggest upset victories. He has been a Fellow at the Harvard Institute of Politics and a Fellow at the Congressional Studies Center at the University of Oklahoma, where he received his Master’s Degree in Government. He holds a BA degree from the University of South Dakota and is a coauthor of the political book, Foxes in the Henhouse.

    José Ramón Pin Arboledas
    Emeritus Professor of Managing People in Organizations and Business Ethics
    Ph.D. in Political Science and Sociology, Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca
    Master in Business Administration, IESE, University of Navarra
    B.Sc. in Agricultural Engineering, Universidad de Valencia
    B.A. in Economics, Universitat de Valencia

    Prof. Pin is a consultant for numerous companies and public authorities in Spain and Latin America, his research ranges from the definition of general human resources strategies to practical aspects of designing salaries, quality agreements and the integration of immigrants. His publications include Consistencia. La estrategia de la empresa es la estrategia con sus personas (Pearson Education, 2007).
    Karen Sanders
    Senior Lecturer of Managing People in Organizations
    PhD, University of Navarra,
    MA, University of Navarra,
    BA in English and Philosophy, University of Durham

    Karen Sanders obtained her MA and PhD degrees in Communication from the University of Navarra and studied a joint degree in English and Philosophy at the University of Durham. She is President of the Association of Political Communication (Asociación de Comunicación Política-ACOP) and Research Director for the social sciences campus at CEU San Pablo University, where she also directs the Research Centre of Communication Trends.


IESE Madrid

Begoña Ferrer
  • +34 91 211 31 33
  • Camino del Cerro del Águila, 3
    28023 Madrid

    Simultaneous translation in Spanish and English will be available at all sessions. The presentations will be given in each speaker’s original language.

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