Communication, Leadership and Campaign Management Program

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Communication, Leadership and Campaign Management Program


  • What are the fundamental objectives of political activity and how are they communicated?
  • How does one go about developing a political message that will impact voters?
  • Should it be transmitted through images or ideologies?
  • What factors should be analyzed in order to generate a voter profile?
  • How can online and offline communication be efficiently managed and what is the best way to maximize the opportunities of social networks?
  • What makes a political leader and how and why does someone decide to try to win an electoral campaign?

The Communication, Leadership and Campaign Management Program will be evaluating these interlocking factors in the increasingly complex world of political campaigns and require more professional management. The challenges facing public officials aspiring to be elected include exhibiting leadership qualities, raising questions about the ultimate goals of public activity and learning to express them with the political message. Context analysis and strategy design mark the development of campaigns and have a decisive impact on the results and success of the election.

We will also analyze all the factors affecting leadership, communication and transmission of the political message and the key elements a campaign should address: strategy design, programming, effective management of the candidate’s time, the media, implementing a fundraising plan, designing a budget and using new technologies and social networks.

Through theoretical knowledge and the study of successful cases, the program will provide participants with a global view of campaigns and will take advantage of the synergies that occur in all areas.

The program is taught, in collaboration with IESE professors, by Steven Jarding, a lecturer in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and an internationally renowned expert on campaign management and political strategy.


IESE Madrid

Begoña Ferrer
  • +34 91 211 31 33
  • Camino del Cerro del Águila, 3
    28023 Madrid

    Simultaneous translation in Spanish and English will be available at all sessions. The presentations will be given in each speaker’s original language.

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