Communication, Leadership and Campaign Management Program

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Key Take-Aways

The program provides the skills necessary to:

  • Understand the key elements of public leadership, learning to design the political message and
    its impact
    on the electorate
  • Design an effective political communication plan and manage it with all available tools
  • Make full use of new technologies for successful election campaigns, and the methods of analysis necessary for the study of public opinion
  • Utilize media training tools in preparing speeches and in the diffusion of political image 
  • Schedule an effective strategic implementation of the campaign and efficiently manage the campaign team
  • Effectively formulate the candidate’s agenda


IESE Madrid

Begoña Ferrer
  • +34 91 211 31 33
  • Camino del Cerro del Águila, 3
    28023 Madrid

    Simultaneous translation in Spanish and English will be available at all sessions. The presentations will be given in each speaker’s original language.

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