Healthcare Management Program

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Admissions Process

Follow these simple steps for a successful application:

  1. Information Request. Don’t hesitate to ask for information before you decide to apply. 
  2. Preliminary Interview. You may want to have a preliminary interview before deciding which program suits you better. 
  3. Application Form. You must fill in your application form in order to start the process. Applications are accepted throughout the year. 
  4. Candidate Selection. The process of selecting the best candidate starts. 
  5. Admissions Committee. The HMP Admissions Committee will thoroughly review all applications. The committee will seek a balanced mixture of backgrounds among qualified applicants. 
  6. Application Approved. If you meet all the requirements, the Admissions Committee will approve your application.
Laura Parga
Program Coordinator
Jaume Núñez MD
Associate Director
Pedro Gato
Program Director