Healthcare Management Program

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Maria João Mello

"The most important aspect is the
feeling of working in a "collaborative
atmosphere": all the participants are
part of "the same team" and share
their experience with each other".

Maria João Mello
José de Mello Saúde

Contents & Methods

IESE's immersive approach to the case study method -central to its dynamic learning experience- offers opportunities for in-depth analysis and virtual high-stakes decision-making. Cases based on the healthcare delivery sector spark discussions that broaden perspectives and bring a shared understanding of functional areas such as accounting, people management, strategy, and service delivery.

Academic Methods

  • Global Teamwork. You will be assigned to a small study group of diverse professionals which resembles an international management team. By working daily with people from different functional and cultural backgrounds, you will develop cross-cultural collaboration and communication skills, and discover new ways to approach problems and create solutions.
  • Real-World Challenges. You will analyze business scenarios individually and with your team before defending your recommendations in the classroom. By assessing problems from a general management vantage point, you will augment your knowledge of different business areas and how they are interrelated.
  • Action Focus. The Healthcare Management Program is an intensive and interactive program that offers a unique opportunity to learn from faculty experts and top-level peers in healthcare organizations throughout Europe and beyond.

Authentic Contexts for Discussion

After analyzing cases on your own, you engage in energetic exchanges within your assigned study group, and then defend your recommendations in the classroom. The give-and-take of distinct viewpoints strengthens essential listening and persuasion skills while promoting reasoned analysis, creativity, ethical awareness and collaboration.

Laura Parga
Program Coordinator
Jaume Núñez MD
Associate Director
Pedro Gato
Program Director