Healthcare Management Program

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There has never been a more pressing need for an approach to healthcare management education that is as reflective as it is pragmatic. This is the approach of the Healthcare Management Program (HMP), made unique by IESE's hallmark focus on the human aspects of leadership.

Innovative leadership has become a crucial element for organizations seeking to thrive in the dynamic healthcare service delivery sector. IESE's Healthcare Management Program offers you a practical, hands-on approach to gaining new knowledge and perspectives on healthcare management.

The program's intensive learning experiences allow you to engage in vigorous interaction with faculty members and high-level peers. The healthcare delivery models and real-life scenarios presented for analysis are based on IESE's groundbreaking research and case studies developed specifically for the HMP. In-depth case discussions enable you to examine and reassess your views on the environment in which you operate.

Laura Parga
Program Coordinator
Jaume Núñez MD
Associate Director
Pedro Gato
Program Director