Healthcare Management Program

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Program Benefits

The Healthcare Management Program allows seasoned professionals to engage in intense debate with top-tier colleagues and faculty members on the most relevant issues affecting the healthcare delivery sector today. By challenging each other, and sharing their knowledge and experience, participants gain new management insights and come away with stronger decision-making skills.

New Frameworks for Leadership and Innovation

The HMP guides you towards greater entrepreneurial thinking with respect to health services. As you develop a clearer vision of value creation within your organization, whatever its size, your capacity to fundamentally alter the nature of health care delivery will grow. The program's leadership development also sharpens your ability to spot health care challenges and opportunities, and foster an organizational culture of innovation to address them.

Time is given to process new insights and perspectives. This allows you to reflect on areas of personal or professional development, as well as actions geared to your organization's needs. Daily learning logs also maximize program benefits. This aspect of the program not only helps boost effectiveness, but can also make a personally transforming impact.

Authentic Contexts for Discussion

IESE’s immersive approach to the case study method—central to its dynamic learning experience—offers opportunities for indepth analysis and virtual high-stakes decision making. Cases based on the healthcare delivery sector spark discussions that broaden perspectives and bring a shared understanding of functional areas such as accounting, people management, strategy and service delivery.

After analyzing cases on your own, you will engage in energetic exchanges within your assigned study group, and then defend your recommendations in the classroom. The give and take of distinct viewpoints strengthens essential listening and persuasion skills while promoting reasoned analysis, creativity, ethical awareness and collaboration

Networking and More

The program offers many opportunities to forge meaningful connections with IESE Business School faculty and high-caliber colleagues in a close-knit, supportive environment. These range from serious business and career discussions to informal social activities that promote camaraderie in a casual, relaxed setting.

After the program, take advantage of the wide range of professionally oriented services offered by IESE's Alumni Association. With more than 38,500 graduates around the world, IESE Business School offers a lifetime of personal and professional connections. Continuous Education Program sessions, seminars, workshops, meetings, publications and reunions all serve to preserve and strengthen the IESE Business School community.

Laura Parga
Program Coordinator
Jaume Núñez MD
Associate Director
Pedro Gato
Program Director