13th Leadership Program for Public Sector Management

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Case Method

The Complete Learning Experience


The program content covers different areas of interest for successfully managing public resources. It also helps participants identify the specific management skills they need to improve. Teamwork, discussing real situations and personal reflection help participants make solid professional development.
Leadership Program for Public Sector Management


At IESE Business School we apply an active learning methodology that encourages managers to step away from their day-to-day reality to expand their knowledge, certainties and intuitions, and also explore new challenges. By placing themselves in a situation where a major decision has to be made and analyzing the information presented in a real case, participants gain experience in the analysis of problems, success and failure so they can construct their own personal vision of leadership. In this way, they acquire a different perspective that allows them to make better decisions.

IESE Business School applies the case method in a unique and different way in three phases:

  1. Individual study. Personal analysis of a current critical situation faced by managers helps cultivate strategic management skills.
  2. Teamwork. After personal study, participants compare their analysis, action plan and conclusions to those of their classmates to compare the different perspectives and experiences and reach the best solution.
  3. General session. The general session is conducted by a professor who uses methodological rigor and order to discuss the problem, the solutions proposed and the consequences of putting them into practice. The participants learn from the professor's criteria and the new perspectives presented by their classmates.