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A Transformational Learning Experience

Open Dialog with Industry Leaders

Leadership Forums and continuous access to faculty will give you an insider’s view of the management challenges and trends that are redefining the industry. These exclusive dialogs with experts and industry leaders will inspire you and provide you with real insight into how to face uncertainty and capitalize on disruptive opportunities.

International Peer Network

Participants are top executives and business leaders from all over the world. Your exchange with peers from diverse backgrounds, roles and industry segments, who share similar challenges, will broaden your outlook and encourage you to explore innovative solutions, while the shared learning experience will open doors to new business alliances and enduring friendships. 

The Case Method

The case method exposes you to relevant, real-world scenarios drawn from within and outside of the media and entertainment industry. You will examine each case or business problem and debate its potential solutions with your faculty facilitator and peers. The process will challenge you to explore new angles, adopt fresh approaches, defend your conclusions and significantly enhance your own decision-making capabilities. The result is a framework that you can apply to your own business needs and strategies.

Executive Challenge

You will have the opportunity to customize the experience by harnessing the learning, insights, experience and expertise of your professors and peers to solve a specific business challenge you or your company face. Through an expert-led process, you will work in small teams to analyze your challenge and build a plan for immediate action.

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