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Juan Luis Cebrian

Juan Luis Cebrián

    Juan Luis Cebrián, a journalist and author, is the CEO and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Spanish Media Group Prisa, as well as Vice President of Prisa TV and Chairman of the daily newspaper El País.

    Prisa is the largest group in education, communication, media and entertainment fields in the Spanish and Portuguese speaking worlds. The Group is present in 22 different countries across Latin America. It is a leader in education in the whole area; the leader in radio broadcasting in Spain, Colombia and Chile; the leader in Free to air TV in Portugal, and the leader in Pay TV in Spain as well as in newspapers with El País.

    Cebrián was Managing Editor and Deputy Editor-in-chief of Madrid dailies Pueblo and Informaciones, to be later appointed Head of the News Services of the Spanish Public Television (TVE). In January 1976, he became the founding Editor-in-chief of El País, which has been the leading paper for more than three decades not only in Spain but in the whole Spanish-speaking market.

    From 1986 to 1988, he was also President of the International Press Institute (IPI). In October 1988, he took over as Chief Executive Officer of El País and Grupo Prisa. He was named Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board of Prisa in December 2008, and recently appointed Chairman of El País.

    He is a graduate from the Official School of Journalism and from the Complutense University of Madrid. He also studied Philosophy. Juan Luis Cebrián is a permanent member of the Royal Spanish Academy since 1996 and has authored numerous books both fiction and essay. Among many prizes and awards, he was named the "1980 International Editor of the Year" by the World Press Review of New York and has been awarded the Spanish National Journalism Prize, the Medal for Freedom of Speech from the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Four Freedoms Foundation of New York, the Medal of Honour from the University of Missouri, and the Trent International Prize for Journalism and Communication (Italy).

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