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Marta Turon

“One of the best things
in this program
is that you get
to work with other people
in the same industry
as yours.”

Marta Turon

Vice President and Co-Founder
Imagina US

United States

Media AMP
Cristina Bandiera

“The program really
helped me to think about
the future from a different
perspective. Very refreshing” 

Cristina Bandiera
Content and Marketing Director

Five Reasons to Join the Media AMP Now

1. Do What You Do. Better.
Expand your knowledge and become a better-equipped leader. You will acquire the broader perspective, and the means to frame complex problems and deliver effective solutions.

2. Accelerate Your Career
Develop cutting-edge media and entertainment strategies to exploit disruptive opportunities and drive results to your bottom line. There’s never been a better time to fast-track your career.

3. Benefit Your Company
Acquire deeper insight into revenue issues. From new business models and intrapreneurship to digital disruption and global growth, you will address the most relevant challenges facing your organization.

4. Achieve Maximum Impact with Minimal Disruption
Adapted to your executive timetable, the Media AMP is structured so that between modules you can implement new ideas across your organization. You come back to share findings and address fresh questions.

5. Plug into a Global Alumni Network
Your network will extend way beyond the classroom. When you leave the Media AMP you will pass into a remarkable network of high achieving global business leaders. This community will literally last you a lifetime.

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Stuart Lipper 
Program Director