Senior Executive Program for the Travel and Tourism Industry

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Program Benefits

Gain a deep, holistic understanding of the travel and tourism value chain while exchanging ideas and experiences and experimenting with new concepts. You will challenge others and be challenged in turn and build deep bonds and ties with your peers and faculty. SEP for the Travel and Tourism Industry empowers you to lead with vision, identify opportunities and build a culture of innovation and collaboration to drive your company – and your career – to new levels of success.

1. Action Focus
You will quickly notice an impact on your performance as the program increases your awareness of the internal and external forces affecting your company. The emphasis on hands-on learning will develop skills you can apply immediately. The program accelerates your leadership skills and empowers you to deliver an improved experience for your customers.

2. Present Challenges
By analyzing real problems from a general management perspective, you will enhance your knowledge of different business areas and how they interconnect. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to cope with these kinds of challenges in the future and how to best manage change through innovation. You will also identify challenges facing your organization and develop an action plan to address them.

3. Global Teamwork and International Perspective
The program will further develop your cross-cultural collaboration and communication skills as you work closely with people from different countries and cultures. You will find new ways to approach problems and seek solutions.


Rosa Portilla

JSF Travel & Tourism School