Senior Executive Program for the Travel and Tourism Industry

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A powerful partnership

The Senior Executive Program for the Travel and Tourism industry is led by IESE Business School, one of the world’s top-ranked business schools, in cooperation with JSF Travel & Tourism School.

JSF Travel & Tourism School

JSF Travel and Tourism School’s mission is to attract and nurture talent for the industry. This statement is developed within a framework of social responsibility, ethical motivation, cooperation and commitment while making a positive impact on people, companies and society. JSF Travel and Tourism School is promoted by a select group of leading companies in the travel and tourism industry with connections in different sectors and geographic areas.

IESE Business School

For over fifty years, IESE, the graduate business school of the University of Navarra, has been at the forefront of management education, developing and inspiring business leaders who strive to make a deep, positive and lasting impact on the people, companies and society they serve.

IESE’s excellence is due to three key factors:

  • Global Scope
    IESE is a truly global business school. IESE’s participants come from all over the world with over 100 countries represented in its alumni. With campuses and facilities in Europe, North America and Latin America, faculty members representing over 30 nationalities, and alliances with associated business schools on five continents, IESE brings participants a heightened level of learning from a global community.

  • General Management
    IESE programs take a comprehensive, long-term view of organizations. The school’s programs embrace a general management approach that provides an integrated view and insight into complementary areas of the company (finance, marketing, operations, human resources, etc.), thus resulting in better decision making.

  • People-Centered
    IESE focuses on each person’s learning experience with the understanding that people are at the heart of every company. This approach makes people the focus of business decisions, a practice that IESE believes holds the key to sustainable, long-term global prosperity.


Rosa Portilla

JSF Travel & Tourism School