8th Strategic Management and Social Leadership Program

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Key Take-Aways

The Strategic Management and Social Leadership Program aims to equip top managers with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values they need to face a complex, changing reality and try to achieve the following benefits:

  • To acquire a global, integrated concept of the organization from the perspective of top management.
  • To develop the skills of reasoning and action adapted to new management challenges.
  • To provide the analysis framework for decision making tied to the reality of the social sector.
  • To acquire new knowledge and tools in the field of management, with special emphasis placed on the impact of new trends in management applied to social action.
  • To assume the mission and the responsibilities of the senior manager of the organization, which always involves effectively leading the human team.
  • To review the attitudes and personal commitment that define social leaders and entrepreneurs.


IESE Madrid
Camino del Cerro del Águila,3
28023 Madrid