Essential Finance and Accounting for Decision Making

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Barcelona, May, 8-11, 2018

+ 1 online module


Gain a comprehensive understanding of the basic principles in accounting & finance and learn to incorporate financial criteria into your decision-making process.


  • Read, analyze and interpret financial statements (balance sheet, income and cash flow statements) and learn to communicate effectively with finance professionals. 
  • Understand how management decisions affect the resources, profits, liquidity and value creation of the company. 
  • Diagnose the financial health of a company and establish appropriate action plans. 
  • Carry out proper evaluation of investment projects.

Why IESE Recommends This Program

Managers are constantly faced with financial data and concepts that they must not only understand and analyze, but also manage and communicate to others. In other words, financial expertise is essential in the manager’s quest to maximize value. The objective of this program is for participants to gain the essential tools, knowledge and understanding to incorporate financial considerations into the strategic decision-making process.

This program provides a comprehensive understanding of the basic principles in finance & accounting. We address the management of working capital requirements and how this relates to the firm’s liquidity and sustainability in terms of growth and competitiveness. Participants also learn how financial decisions themselves can create value and apply a holistic view of the company to obtain an accurate financial diagnosis, which is essential in the comprehensive decision-making process.


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