International Real Estate

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International Real Estate

Barcelona, October 23-25, 2018


The program is based on the case method and is divided in 4 main areas:

1. Real Estate Finance

  • Provide with quantitative tools to analyze Real Estate projects and investments.
  • Understand the specific characteristics of real estate different types of assets: Residential, Hotels, Retail, Offices, Industrial, etc.
  • Analyze the impact of real estate in the financial statements of firms.

2. Macroeconomics and microeconomics 

  • Understand the macroeconomic environment and its connection to real estate activities. Focus on relevant economic indicators. 
  • Analysis of business cycles, supply and demand, booms-and-busts in prices, and the effects of public policies.

3. Project management and project finance

  • Real estate investments as a portfolio of projects. 
  • Management of people, operations and commercial activities.

4. New technologies

  • How “big data” and new technologies are changing the real estate industry. Can we use them to make better decisions and better investments?
  • Discover the risks of disruption in the real estate industry.


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