International Real Estate

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International Real Estate

Barcelona, October 23-25, 2018


Real estate is everywhere and the impact of real estate decisions on people and companies is enormous.

Economies are going global and real estate is going global as well.

We will study the real estate industry from an international perspective, providing a complete framework to make right decisions and to successfully manage real estate investments around the world from different perspectives: developers, owners, service providers, global investors, etc.


  • Learn how to use the right quantitative financial tools to analyze investments, boost profitability and hedge risks.
  • Evaluate opportunities in the real estate markets using macroeconomic and microeconomic approaches. It is no longer about “location, location, location,” but about “location, timing, financing and good management”.
  • Discover the best practices of the real estate industry and how to assess (and avoid) real estate bubbles.
  • How “big data” and new technologies can help to make better decisions and better investments.

Why IESE Recommends This Program

You will learn how to manage real estate investments around the world, mastering the three common features shared by successful real estate businesses: a long term focus, professionalized management and good sources of financing.

Be part of a unique international classroom environment that leads to very rich discussions.


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