Becoming a Positive Leader: Accelerating Individual and Organizational Change

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Becoming a Positive Leader: Accelerating
Individual and Organizational Change

Barcelona, April 17-20, 2018


In this Program, you will engage in an exciting, introspective, and intense opportunity to reflect on yourself and your organization. You will explore in detail:

Positive Leadership Framework
• Introduction to the POS framework.
• Application of the framework to personal and organizational life.

Enabling Spectacular Performance and an Exceptional Culture
• Tools and techniques to motivate employees.
• Setting the stage for implementation to excel.

Character development (nurture vs nature)
• Self-awareness and development of positive qualities.
• Relate own qualities to interpersonal relationships.
• Use of crisis situations as opportunities for resilience and learning.

Sagrada Familia – Inspiration from Gaudi’ Legacy
• Motivate oneself and others with a sense of purpose and mission.
• Creativity for overcoming challenges and constraints to accomplish great work.
• Evaluating the present to create an alternative future.

Reflected Best Self Exercise
• Customized feedback on your strengths and strength profile.
• Creating a picture of you at your best.
• Increasing utilization of your best self profile.

Deep Change
• Understanding the power of emotions and managing them in the work environment.
• Clarifying values and purpose.
• Having the courage to navigate through change initiatives.

Creating a Positive Organizational Culture
• Positive climate: stress prevention; mindfulness and well-being.
• Pros, Cons and sustainability of positive culture.
• How you can impact your part of the organization in that way.

High-Quality Connections and Energy Networks
• Understanding the necessity for high-quality connections.
• Learning how to create the connections you need to influence the future.
• Trust and empowerment.

Action Plan: Change starts with you
• Planning and Positioning for Excellence.
• Creating a plan for the first 21 days post course quick wins.


• The Program begins before you join us by working on your Reflected Best Self Assesment. This will form a crucial part of you learning thanks to the customized feedback you will get and work along the course.

• Through Case analysis and team exercises, you´ll harness tools to unlock the highest potential within oneself and others and for influencing and navigating change.

• The Sagrada Familia- Gaudi case study comes to life through the visit to the temple.

• Engagement during and after class with faculty and peer executives from across industries.

• Definition of a step –by step 21 day Personal Action Plan to implement upon return to work.


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