Developing Leadership Competencies

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Developing Leadership

New York, May 16-19, 2017


The faculty of Developing Leadership Competencies program is made up of professionals who are involved not only in teaching but in research and the business world. This program’s team comprises:
    Alberto Ribera
    Senior Lecturer of Managing People in Organizations
    Doctor of Medicine, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
    Ph.D. in Economics, UIC (Barcelona)
    Specialist in Social and Preventive Medicine (Mental Health), Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza
    Certifcate in Personality Assessment, University of Minnesota

    At IESE he teaches the MBA course “Personality and Leadership”, which received the 2009 IESE Award for Excellence. He also teaches the Global Executive MBA course “Managing Oneself”; and executive courses on self-leadership, relationship management and executive coaching. He has been invited as visiting professor or guest speaker at universities and business schools of more than 20 different countries and at international conferences like the World Economic Forum. He has taught courses for Enel, Banco di Napoli, Telecom Italia, Saint Gobain, The Arab Contractors, Egypt Telecom, Enrst&Young, Hewlett Packard, PricewaterhouseCoopers and other firms. He is a board member of the Istituto per la Cooperazione Universitaria (Rome) and other not-for-profit institutions.
    Sebastien Brion
    Associate Professor of Managing People in Organizations
    Ph.D. and M.S. in Organizational Behavior, Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley.
    B.S. in Psychology from Tufts University

    His research focuses mainly on how individuals' interpersonal perceptions affect organizational features such as power, alliance formation and decision making. His experience includes consulting for organizations on human resources and social media. Born in Belgium, he has lived in the United States, Canada and Spain, where he studied Spanish and psychology at the Universidad de Salamanca.

    John Almandoz
    Associate Professor of Managing People in Organizations
    Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior, Harvard University
    M.A. in Sociology, Harvard University
    M.B.A., Southern Methodist University
    B.A. in Economics, University of Dallas

    John Almandoz is assistant professor in the department of Managing People in Organizations. His background includes experience in actuarial consulting, corporate banking, and management of non-profit organizations. He earned a joint Ph.D. in organizational behavior at Harvard Business School /Harvard University, from where he also obtained a master's degree in sociology. His research on founding boards of directors of community banks has been published in top journals in his field. He teaches courses in MBA, executive MBA, and global executive MBA programs, on leadership and organizational behavior, HR, and self-management and is academic director of the New York campus of IESE Business School.


Stefania Randazzo
Program Director