Beyond High Performance & Creative Negotiation Strategies

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Beyond High Performance & Creative Negotiation Strategies

Barcelona, March 20-23, 2018


Day 1

  • The Principles of Negotiation: Theory and Implementation in Different Business Contexts
  • The Negotiation Process: How to Identify Phases and Avoid Incoherencies
  • Cooperative-Competitive Tension: Benefits of Cooperative Negotiation, Also Known as Coopetition

Day 2

  • Understand Different Negotiation Styles and Using Them to Your Advantage
  • Benefits of Creative and Collaborative Negotiation, Including Entrepreneurial Negotiation
  • Negotiation Deadlocks:Learning How to Break the Blockade
  • Negotiation Teams: Implications in the Negotiation Process

Day 3

  • Internal Negotiation:Avoiding Conflict and Seeking the Common Good
  • Multi-Party Negotiation: How to Manage Complexity and Control the Dynamics of Negotiation
  • Framework for a Personal Improvement Plan


The program makes use of a number of highly dynamic and interactive teaching methods, including role-play, group discussions, class lectures and the case study method.


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Executive Education