Excel in Leading your Sales Team

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Excel in Leading your sales team

Excel in Leading your Sales Team

Madrid, June 4-6, 2018


Best (and worst) practices in salesforce management
Through case studies, lectures and group discussions, we will have the opportunity to analyze best practices and common mistakes in salesforce management. Several takeaways will be learnt throughout the three-day program. Self-diagnosis questionnaires will also be shared to help you reflect on the general takeaways, so that you leave the program with specific ideas to implement.

The salesforce organization
We will study several salesforce architectures, their advantages and limitations, and how they fit with several sales roles. Salesforce sizing and allocation will also be analyzed.

Supervising and evaluating the salesforce
Perhaps one of the most common and dangerous mistakes some salesforces make is that of improper supervision. We will examine the role of the sales supervisor and sales director, as well as practical recommendations on how to improve salespeople’s supervision. As an important part of the supervision itself, salespeople evaluation will also be studied.

Compensating and motivating salespeople
We will cover the main elements of a compensation scheme. Alternatives of several incentives systems will be debated. Once a fair and attractive compensation system has been established, a fundamental question arises: How to motivate salespeople beyond money?

The selling process
A careful design and motorization of the different phases of the selling process is of critical importance for many sales situations, especially in complex selling where accounts are large, the sales process is long or the decision making unit is not obvious. In many of these situations, the sales organization has to adopt a more consultative approach. We will understand these different phases and discuss ways to improve sales conversion.

Digitalizing the salesforce
The advent of the digital revolution has not left salesforce organizations untouched. Customers take the lead in acquiring information about our products and services, CRMs are getting more sophisticated by the day, new tools and services promise to improve efficiency and effectiveness of our organizations, and most companies in virtually every sector are embracing an omnichnnel strategy. Do these new trends represent a new paradigm, a cost of doing business, or are they just new tools?


Highly dynamic and interactive, the Excel in Leading Your Sales Team program offers senior executives the chance to learn through a variety of teaching methods designed to foster the most effective learning environment. These methods include the case study method, lectures, and group discussions.


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