Excel in Leading your Sales Team

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Excel in Leading your sales team

Excel in Leading your Sales Team

Madrid, June 4-6, 2018


Discover how to become an excellent sales director capable of getting the best out of your sales team thanks to an efficient sales plan and a consultative sales approach that understands complexity.


  • Diagnose key improvement areas in the design of your sales structure.
  • Define an ambitious but realistic sales plan. • Learn how to motivate your sales force beyond incentive systems.
  • Analyze and discuss best practices and common mistakes in sales force management.

Why IESE Recommends This Program

Taking into account the complexity of the current commercial world, we have to rethink structures, methods and management systems to improve the efficiency and performance of our sales force. Clients are now better informed and more demanding, competitors are tougher, products and services are less differentiated, some of your sales people may not share the values of the company, e-commerce and mobile keep on growing so an omni-channel strategy has to be in place. This program features highly relevant case studies, interactive lectures and group discussions to help senior executives reflect and acquire a solid framework to improve the performance of their sales team.


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