Convert Business Opportunities into Manageable Projects

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Convert business

Opportunities into

Manageable Projects

Barcelona, April 16-18, 2013


Learn how to achieve your business objectives through effective project management and discover strategies to deliver on time and on-budget while managing risk and uncertainty.

Key Benefits

  • Learn how to incorporate contingencies into projects and create plans that address potential risks.
  • Better understand your role as a project manager, sponsor or client and improve your team management and conflict resolution skills.
  • Identify the crucial elements at each stage of the project lifecycle and avoid common mistakes.
  • Establish a common language and proven methodology for project management and facilitate the creation of the project management office.

Why IESE Recommends This Program

The current economic crisis has given rise to opportunities that, when properly managed, can be transformed into profitable business projects. Successfully achieving strategic objectives – delivering on time while controlling resources – is best accomplished through strategic projects that take into account inherent uncertainties and risks.

Given its strategic importance, many organizations have shifted the responsibility of project management from technical staff to senior management. Without a doubt, project management skills have become more important than ever before as companies struggle to compete and survive.

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